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Keep Calm and Microchip your Pet!

November 23, 2016

Why Microchip? When I talk to clients about the benefits of microchipping their pets, I am sometimes met with confusion about what a chip is and is not, and what…

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Heartworm Disease and Prevention in Dogs

November 2, 2016

In the last year, we have seen a significant increase in the number of dogs with heartworm disease here at Grand Avenue Veterinary Center. While these still represent a small…

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Why spay or neuter your cat?

October 29, 2016

Why Spay or Neuter? Part 1: Cats Contributed by Sina Kavadas, veterinary assistant at Grand Avenue Veterinary Center and 3rd year veterinary student at the University of Minnesota  …

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What is a Veterinary Technician?

October 22, 2016

What is a CVT? A Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) is educated to be a nurse, radiography technician, laboratory technician, surgical nurse and client educator.  They are educated in…

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Quality of Life Scales for Pets

October 21, 2016

Decisions about end of life and euthanasia and evaluating quality of life are common struggles we all face when our pets age or experience serious illnesses. It is sometimes hard…

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Traveling with your Pet

October 6, 2016

  More and more pets are joining their families on vacations. While bringing your pet on trips can be rewarding and fun, it can also bring added responsibility on your…

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Signs of Pain in Pets

September 28, 2016

Signs of pain in our pets can be subtle. Often pets are highly motivated to do their normal activities as much as possible and cats especially hide signs of pain.

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Cat Body Language Decoded

September 8, 2016

Sometimes cats’ body language can seem mysterious, even to long time cat owners. This helpful illustration by Lili Chin helps demonstrate how the position of ears, tail, whiskers, and body…

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Beating the Summer Heat

September 2, 2016

Summer is coming to an end, but we probably have some hot weather yet to come. You’ve probably read many articles about the dangers of dogs in hot cars, and…

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