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Cat Behavior Concerns – where to turn

February 27, 2021


Cats can be…complex. They share their lives with us, but have their own rules and viewpoints, which sometimes are at odds with the rest of the household.

So, after you and your veterinarian rule out medical concerns, where do you turn if your cat is having behavioral issues?

In the Cities, we’re lucky to have a resource like Omni Cat Behavior, a service which offers virtual and in-home cat behavior consultation. There are many excellent dog behavior services, but Omni Cat Behavior is a rare breed which can provide invaluable insight to your cat’s issues.

Omni Cat Behavior can advise new cat owners, help address chronic, long-standing issues like inappropriate elimination (urinating or defecating outside of the litter box) or aggression issues and can even offer a “catification” to assess your cat’s current environment and offer suggestions to improve it!

Often, cats who are left in shelters or are forced to live outside have developed habits that make it difficult for them to stay in their homes. Services like Omni Cat Behavior exist to help owners understand and deepen their relationship with their cats and find solutions to problems that might otherwise end in frustration and heartbreak.

Offering phone, online, and (post-COVID) in-home consultations, Grand Avenue Veterinary Center encourages pet owners to make use of excellent resources like Omni Cat Behavior, to ensure their cats are living their happiest and healthiest lives!

Check out these fantastic infographics, created by Omni Cat Behavior, and be sure to contact them for your own cat consultation. https://www.omnicatbehavior.com/

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