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Cat Health Alert

July 17, 2018

Every year, we see a “summer cold” make its rounds through our cat patients, and the last week or two we have seen numerous cats affected by the 2018 version.

Like our flu, each year the exact nature of the illness varies a little bit. It mostly affects indoor/outdoor cats, but this year I am seeing more cats who “casually” go outside (cats who stay in their own yards supervised or on a leash) and  indoor cats affected as well.

This year, the respiratory symptoms are very subtle in most cats. There may be some mild nasal congestion and occasional sneezing, but the more significant symptoms in most cats include fever, significant lethargy, decreased or absent appetite, and occasionally vomiting.

The good news is that the worst of these symptoms seem to last only a day or two and most cats recover with a little TLC. However, in some cases we have seen very high fevers or secondary bacterial infections that require supportive treatment.


For the next few weeks, consider keeping your cats indoors. Also, because the virus can be tracked in on shoes or other objects, consider taking your shoes off before entering your home and leaving them on the porch or another place inaccessible to your cat, washing your hands before petting your cat, and other common sense actions.

Please call to make an appointment if you notice any concerning signs, or speak to one of our doctors.


Karen Christopherson DVM

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