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Getting to Nail Trims, Part 3 and 4: Look, Ma, Two Hands!

June 11, 2013

After practicing steps 1 (http://www.grandavevet.com/blog/getting-nail-trims-part-i-good-touch) and 2 (http://www.grandavevet.com/blog/getting-nail-trims-part-ii-increasing-du…), you should be able to hold each of your dog’s paws for a count of 5.

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Getting to Nail Trims: Prologue

April 30, 2013

With some pets, everyday chores can be a struggle. In particular, many dogs don’t like their feet handled even when owners have worked hard to prevent this. Many dogs tolerate…

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Getting to Know: Chou Chou

April 10, 2012

The day was December 23, 2009. The UN climate summit in Copenhagen had just wrapped up. The subversion trial of a prominent Chinese dissident had just begun. An American airlines…

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