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Dental Chews/Treats for Cats

August 11, 2015

What can I give my cat to chew on that is safe for them and effective for reducing dental disease?

For starters, it is important to know that nothing is as effective as daily brushing for the dental health of our felines.  It is also important to know the limitations of chews and treats.  They may be adequate in the reduction of plaque and tartar but not necessarily gingivitis which is an equally important oral disease.  So, for the cats who will not tolerate teeth brushing or for those who are looking for supplemental dental health products, here are a few suggestions:


Royal Canin Dental diet – this kibble that can be fed to a cat as their daily diet or supplemented as daily treats.  These kibbles are larger in size so that a cat has no choice but to chew them. They also have a texture designed to gently clean the teeth as they chew and they contain ingredients that inhibit plaque and tartar formation.


CET Chews – These flavored chews have an abrasive action and antiseptic ingredients to reduce the formation of plaque and tartar. It is a once daily chew.


Greenies – These flavored treats have a unique shape and crunchy texture which also reduces the formation of plaque and tartar. It is also designed to be a daily treat.


PetStages Plaque Away Pretzel with Catnip – this is a best-selling product at our local Chuck and Don’s Pet Supply. First of all, it has catnip which can be an attractant for cats.  The netting and the material of this product flosses and cleans cats’ teeth as they chew. This is certainly not an all-inclusive list and we have additional suggestions for those struggling with their cat’s oral hygiene.  If you have any questions about how to care for your cat’s mouth, please contact us or we can have a discussion about it at your cat’s yearly wellness examination.


Written by: Jen Seidl, DVM


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