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House Call Services

Access our excellent and compassionate veterinary care in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Available Home Care Services:

✔ Wellness and Preventative Care
✔ Multiple Pet Appointments
✔ Geriatric Care
✔ Medical Treatments
✔ Behavior Consultations
✔ Acupuncture and Pain Management
✔ End of Life Care

House Call Team:

Our house call team consists of:
Dr. Heather Taylor
Dr. Karen Christopherson
Dr. Jen Seidl
Kalee, Certified Veterinary Technician
Chris, Certified Veterinary Technician
Heather K, Patient Coordinator

Costs of Home Care:

Our house call fee is $77.50, for visiting homes within a 5 mile radius of the clinic. An additional charge may apply for visits further than 5 miles. Our house call euthanasia fee is $274 plus cremation.

Please call our patient coordinator, Heather K. to discuss the goals of the home visit so that she can provide you with a treatment plan and the associated costs of care.

Contact Us:

We look forward to bringing our care to you.
Phone: 651-224-3038
Email: clinic@grandavevet.com

What to Expect:

What to expect for a home visit for wellness or sick care:

  • We ask that you allow for a 30 minute arrival window for this time, in case of traffic or other delays. We will call you when we are in route to your home.
  • Your visit will last approximately 30 minutes, unless we are caring for multiple animals within your home.
  • We ask that you have your pet ready for the visit by placing them in an easily accessible location. Keep them in an area where they feel comfortable and will be in a good frame of mind to receive house guests. Have things surrounding them that are sources of security – bedding, toys, cat tree, etc.
  • We will rely on the use of food and treats to gain trust and a positive association with your pet. Keep your pet hungry before the visit and have their favorite food items available to use throughout the appointment.
  • If you anticipate that your pet will be afraid or territorial with houseguests, then we would recommend the use of a calming treatment. This should be arranged prior to the visit. Give the first dose 12 hours prior to the appointment and again 1 to 2 hours before we arrive.
  • For medical visits the doctor will discuss any concerns you have, do a thorough physical exam, perform treatments and diagnostics, and update vaccinations as needed. We can bring prescription diets, medications, and preventatives to the appointment if they have been requested beforehand.

What to expect for an end of life visit:

We are able to provide you and your beloved pet with a peaceful passing, in the comfort of your own home. We can also help you make arrangements for memorials and cremation. Please contact our patient coordinator to discuss this type of home visit with you. You may also request our grief packet, a thoughtful selection of resources to prepare you for this experience.