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Keeping Cats Hydrated

September 13, 2017

Cats are notorious for being picky about their water. In the face of certain medical conditions, especially pertaining to the urinary tract, it is quite helpful for cats to stay hydrated.

Here are some suggestions for you to try.

  1. Some cats are better at eating their water than drinking their water. If your cat is already eating a canned or raw diet, they are already taking in some moisture in the form of their food. One can add additional water to their food source making it less necessary for them to drink water separately. If your cat is only eating dry food, then adding in canned food to their daily diet can be helpful.
  2. Some cats are particular about the location of their water, for instance they will not drink water if it is near their food source. Try moving your cat’s water source away from the food dish.
  3. Some cats do not like their whiskers to touch the edge of a dish or bowl when eating or drinking. Experiment with different types of bowls or dishes that have more shallow dimensions.
  4. Cats may be particular about the taste of the water. Try different types of bowls in case they have a preference for metal, glass, or ceramic.
  5. Cats in general prefer fresh versus stagnant water. You may notice your cat’s tendency to drink out of running faucets. You can either allow your cat to drink out of your faucets or consider purchasing a water fountain.
  6. Offer something with more flavor. A cat may be enticed to drink more if they are offered something like chicken broth or tuna juice. This can be given as is or added to some water.


Contributed by:
Dr. Jen Seidl
Grand Avenue Veterinary Center

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