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Pet Owner Hacks

October 13, 2017

We were talking around the clinic the other day about Kongs. We love them to keep dogs busy, but it always seems like no matter how good your dog is at cleaning them out, a little bit of soft food gets mushed way down at the bottom. Not only can it be a pain to clean out, but it’s a great environment for bacteria and mold to grow. You probably know what I’m talking about:




I mentioned that before I add canned food, peanut butter, or anything else “mushy” to my Kong, I’ve started putting a little bit of dry food kibble at the bottom first. This has been working great to keep the soft contents from getting mashed way down in the bottom and keeps them much cleaner. Everyone loved the idea.




Then I got to thinking… many of us probably have little individual tips and tricks that we’ve developed at home that other people haven’t thought of but would benefit from. So we’d love to hear some of your pet owning hacks for common problems! Leave a comment on the post on our Facebook page where we’ve posted this blog. I’ll gather them together for a future blog post!

Karen Christopherson, DVM

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