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Supplements at Grand Avenue Veterinary Center

March 3, 2016

After spending time reviewing a fair number of supplement choices for our pets, I thought it would be a great idea to highlight the specific supplements that we carry in our practice.  When we make selections on what to carry, our decision is based on several factors.  First, we choose supplements that have been medically shown to make a positive impact for your dog or your cat.  Second, we choose supplements from reputable sources that are made with quality ingredients. Third, we choose supplements based on ease of administration to improve compliance and therefore efficacy.



Adequan is used for arthritis and joint disease in both dogs and cats.  It works by supplementing a patient with a building block for healthier joints – polysulfated glycosaminoglycans. It is given as a periodic injection underneath the skin.  Because this supplement requires special instruction on its use, we carry this product in our pharmacy and not on our shelves.





Cosequin is a glucosamine-based mobility supplement for cats.  It comes as a flavored sprinkle capsule that can be mixed in with food or given as a whole capsule.




Dasuquin is a mobility supplement for dogs. It combines glucosamine and chondroitin with ASU – avocado/soybean unsaponifiables, a unique ingredient that increases cartilage protection compared to glucosamine/chondroitin alone.  We carry the flavored chews but it can also be ordered as a chewable tablet.  For dogs sensitive to certain flavoring ingredients, we can also order in a non-flavored option.




6595-1-denamarin-same-tablets-for-petsDenamarin is a supplement used in dogs and cats with liver disease or who are in need of liver protection while on certain medications.  It contains ingredients such as SAM-e and silybin which help to protect liver cells from damage.  It comes as both a non-flavored tablet as well as a flavored chewable tablet.  We carry this supplement in our pharmacy, not out on our display shelves in the lobby, since this supplement is generally given under the advisement of a veterinarian.





Fortiflora has historically been our choice of probiotic for both dogs and cats.  It comes as a flavored powder that can be easily mixed in with food.  It is a very solid option and we will continue to carry it on our shelves.  However, because it is only a single-strained probiotic and contains flavoring that some patients may be sensitive to, we are now also carrying another type of probiotic product called Proviable (See below).



Liquid Immuno


Liquid Immuno is a flavored liquid immune supplement containing lysine.  We commonly recommend lysine to kittens and adult cats who are afflicted with respiratory or ocular viral disease, namely herpes. Using lysine has been shown to speed recovery and lessen severity of disease.  This will reside on our shelves next to Viralys (see below), our powder version of lysine.


Missing Link

Missing link


We carry Missing Link for both dogs and cats.  It is essentially a superfood powder containing ingredients for healthy digestion, skin and coat, sustained energy, and improved mobility.



pet tabs


We have historically used Pet Tabs as our canine multi-vitamin.  Even though it is a great product, we will be phasing this out and replacing with the 2 new products below.  As of now, there are a few still on our shelves.  Once we phase this out, if you have a preference for this product, we can special order it or you can find it on our online store.




Vetriscience has a multivitamin for cats called Nu Cat.  We will carry the chews but it can also be ordered as a flavored tablet. It also comes as a senior preparation.






Vetriscient has a multivitamin for dogs called Canine Plus. We will carry the chews but it can also be ordered as a flavored tablet. It also comes as a senior preparation.







Nutrical is a highly palatable supplement that provides added calories, energy and nutrients to the following populations- puppies and kittens (especially if they are ill), highly active dogs (hunting and working dogs), and aging dogs and cats who are debilitated or ill.



proviable KP


Here is another probiotic product we are now carrying.  It comes in 2 forms.  The Proviable KP is used in specific cases of diarrhea.  For this reason we carry this in our pharmacy and not on our shelves. The KP kit has stool-firming paste along with a probiotic capsule.  These are used concurrently.






The Proviable DC is a probiotic capsule that can be used in both dogs and cats.  You will find this on our shelves next to the Fortiflora.  The DC is a sprinkle capsule that contains multiple strains of probiotics and may also be the better choice for patients known to have sensitivities to flavoring agents.


Renal Chews

renal essentials


Because of the high incidence of kidney disease in cats, we believe that we need to provide our patients with a supplement that can complement their kidney-specific diet as well as fluid therapy.  This combination of ingredients supports and maintains proper kidney function and mineral balance.  We are carrying the chews but it also can be ordered in as a chewable tablet.

A similar product also exists for dogs and can be ordered by request


Renal Essentials



This variation has similar ingredients and the same outcome, just a different delivery system.  Rx Vitamins Rx Renal is a capsule.  It can be given as a whole capsule or the contents can be mixed in with food.

A similar product also exists for dogs and can be ordered by request




Solliquin is a supplement used to reduce stress and anxiety in both dogs and cats.  It contains ingredients such as L-theanine, milk protein, and magnolia and phellodendron extracts to accomplish just this objective.  It comes as a soft chew for cats and dogs up to medium size and as a chewable tablet for larger dogs.





Viralys is a powder form of lysine, once again used for cats in the face of viral infection.



Vitamin B



Vitamin B is given as an injection to treat certain digestive diseases (such as IBD) in dogs and cats. Because this supplement requires special instruction on its use, we carry this product in our pharmacy and not on our shelves.



welactin fel welactink9

Last but certainly not least we have our fish oil/Omega 3s.  We have replaced our Tri V fish oil capsules with Welactin.  We are carrying an easy-to-use liquid formulation for cats.  For dogs we are carrying an easy-to-use liquid formulation as well as capsules.




What if you are looking for a different formulation of a supplement that might be easier to give your pet? Or looking for a different type of supplement altogether for your pet who may have digestive issues, cancer or heart disease?  Please ask us!  We can look into what is available and make special orders for your pet.

Also, you should visit our online store .  Our online store has a variety of supplement options which can be delivered directly to your home.


Contributed by:

Jen Seidl, DVM

Grand Avenue Veterinary Center



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