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Traveling with your Pet

October 6, 2016


More and more pets are joining their families on vacations. While bringing your pet on trips can be rewarding and fun, it can also bring added responsibility on your part in order to make it a successful and pleasurable experience. Following appropriate guidelines before your trip can insure that your pets return happy, healthy and safely.

Before any trip, you will need to discuss with your veterinarian whether there are any medical reasons why your pet should not travel with you and what type of documentation your will need. You can also find information on the USDA APHIS website for what documentation may be required for traveling either state to state or from the U.S. to other countries.

If you feel a sedative is necessary for your pet to travel, it might be best to have an alternative plan such as a petsitter or boarding kennel. Sedatives should only be used when approved or prescribed by your veterinarian. If your pet requires a sedative, you should see how the medication affects your pet prior to leaving for vacation. Pets may have some individual variation in how they react to sedatives. Be considerate that your pet will be comfortable and happy when traveling.

Be sure your pet is wearing a collar with current identification. Also consider having your pet implanted with a microchip prior to travel. Pack your pet’s normal food, water, bowls, bedding and toys – this will add a more enjoyable experience for all. Consider a kennel or carrier even if you are traveling by car. Carriers are required by airlines.

For additional information on traveling with your pet, check of AVMA’s Traveling With Your Pet FAQ’s or call us anytime.

Amanda Foss, Certified Veterinary Technician

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